Nov 7

Testimonial from Paddy Box

Paddy Box Shopify store testimonial

Lightyear have worked with Paddy Box on website updates and graphic design ever since we built their new Shopify website. It’s always nice to hear when you have a positive impact on someone! We continue to enhance the backend processes which help their team run a streamlined operation and enjoy working alongside them as they […]

Feb 2

Testimonial from Jack & Jill

The Jack & Jill Children's Foundation website

Lightyear have worked with Jack & Jill on a weekly basis on website updates and graphic design ever since we built their new website. This includes helping them with all their events such as Incognito. We really enjoy working with them and it’s great to know they like having us around! Steven is great at […]

Mar 18

Testimonial from Dotdynamic

Dotdynamic Testimonial

Another happy customer 🙂 Lightyear designed created Dotdynamic’s new visual identity along with their website and corporate stationery. When we needed to refresh our brand and redevelop our website, Lightyear came highly recommended. Steven and his team took the time to understand our business, our clients, and our goals and were receptive to our feedback […]

Sep 20

Testimonial from Studio One Hundred

Studio One Hundred Logo

We just received an awesome testimonial from Andrew Savage, the owner and creator of Studio One Hundred. Lightyear designed his brand along with building his new Shopify store. An amazing display of talent and technical ability. My website has just been taken from “OK” to “something amazing” by Steven and his expertise. The website […]