Nov 7

Testimonial from Paddy Box

Lightyear have worked with Paddy Box on website updates and graphic design ever since we built their new Shopify website. It’s always nice to hear when you have a positive impact on someone! We continue to enhance the backend processes which help their team run a streamlined operation and enjoy working alongside them as they continue to scale and grow.

Our company has been growing extremely quickly and we needed to adapt fast as our processes needed to grow with us. We decided to go with the Shopify platform in order to help us scale the business effectively. Steven and the team in Lightyear effectively saved the business as we launched the website in mid November of 2020 and that first Christmas saw order volumes go through the roof and we would not have been able to continue trading had we not had the updated and scaled up website.

Steven has done a lot of customisations to the theme and backend processes (eg packing slips, corporate orders sections, personal note templates etc) for us and Lightyear are still doing ongoing work with us. We will continue to work with the team and we hope that they can assist us in growing the company further.

– Mark Loftus, Owner, Paddy Box

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About the Author:

Steven Dunne is a designer and the principal at Lightyear. He designs while listening to epic film scores. When he is not designing, he can usually be found cycling or climbing rocks.

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