Sep 20

Testimonial from Studio One Hundred

We just received an awesome testimonial from Andrew Savage, the owner and creator of Studio One Hundred. Lightyear designed his brand along with building his new Shopify store.

An amazing display of talent and technical ability. My website has just been taken from “OK” to “something amazing” by Steven and his expertise. The website now feels like it can compete with the bigger companies and sets the exact style and feel I required for my products.

Pricing was perfect, time taken to complete was perfect and Steven’s ability to understand my thoughts and ideas was also perfect!

– Andrew Savage

Logo Design

Studio One Hundred Logo

Shopify Store

Studio One Hundred Tablet Showcase

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About the Author:

Steven Dunne is a designer and the principal at Lightyear. He designs while listening to epic film scores. When he is not designing, he can usually be found cycling or climbing rocks.

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