Feb 2

Testimonial from Jack & Jill

Lightyear have worked with Jack & Jill on a weekly basis on website updates and graphic design ever since we built their new website. This includes helping them with all their events such as Incognito. We really enjoy working with them and it’s great to know they like having us around!

Steven is great at taking a brief, designing an action plan and delivering the goods in terms of our website style and substance and usability.

Steven knows the value of storytelling and connecting with people. He successfully designed our website and online shop, giving us an extra dimension to our retail offering and gaining a lot of interest and followers. He delivers all this with a great sense of humour.

We are very grateful to Steven and have no hesitation in recommending him, as long as it doesn’t suck him away from Jack & Jill work!

– Carmel Doyle, CEO, The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation

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About the Author:

Steven Dunne is a designer and the principal at Lightyear. He designs while listening to epic film scores. When he is not designing, he can usually be found cycling or climbing rocks.

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